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Private Investigation Services

When you need to learn more about someone than they might be willing to share, you need the help of Sunrise Investigations. From background checks to vehicle location, we specialize in helping you find out what someone doesn't want you to know.

How well do you really know that job applicant or the suspicious new resident in your apartment? Contact us today for more information!

Is there a suspicious car in your neighborhood? Want to know who it belongs to? Our Tag ID service can help you find out who the vehicle belongs to. Contact us.

Need to find someone from your past? Maybe a former loved one who disappeared? A long lost child or parent? We can help find those who don't want to be found. Contact us.

Do you suspect someone is listening to your conversations; either at home, in your office or even in your car? If this is happening to you then Sunrise Investigations can help. Contact us.

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